I love meeting gentlemen from all walks of life, for this is the beauty of what I do. What I find important is the ability to treat a woman with the respect and courtship she deserves. A well taken care of appearance and personal hygiene is a sign of respect to me. Apart from that, I don’t really have a type and all shapes and colours are most welcome. 

Which type of gentlemen do you meet?

I haven’t seen you before, what is the screening process?



Please send your introduction via the contact from which you can find on my  Date Me page.

Then follow up with an email containing a least two from this list:

  • Photo ID (driving Licence or Passport)

  • Link to your professional LinkedIn profile. 

  • An email from your work email address (content can be blurred)

  • Two recent references from fellow providers with their contact information. 

After our first date, I will delete all documents and correspondence. 

What kind of dates do you prefer? 



I prefer longer dates, for instance dinner dates in London or weekend trips to Italy or France. Longer travel dates are incredible and I suggest to do this once we have met before. The reason why I fancy those dates is because we can connect on a deeper level, therefore have even more joy and share some experiences. Those dates proved to be the most memorable ones for both sides since one always feels more liberated when travelling in general. 

What information do you need before our date? 


Please introduce yourself with your age, nationality, appearance, personality and general lifestyle. By describing yourself a little, I’m able to get an understanding of your personal vibe and create a date as close to perfection as possible. Additionally, please let me know the following:


  • Full legal name.

  • Name of Hotel / or if you’d like to meet me at my place. 

  • Hotel booking confirmation number.

  • A contact number.

  • Length of date. 

  • Room number when known. 

  • A 30% deposit via paypal and when we met before via bank transfer.

Are you available for international travel? 


But absolutely! Travel dates are among my favourites and I’m a well traveled lady. 

Travel dates within Europe should be minimum an overnight. Travel dates outside Europe should be minimum 2 days. 

In order to meet me as your travel companion, all information mentioned above is needed in addition to the following:

  • Place of destination. 

  • A brief summary of our trip in order for me to pack appropriate  attire. 

  • A 50% deposit as well as all travel expenses payed well in advance. Travel expenses include train/flight tickets + Taxi. 

Feel free to let me know if you would like to book my flights or if you’d prefer me to book them. In this case please consider

those expenses. I appreciate flights longer than 2 hours should be business class, flights longer than 6 hours first class. You surely want me to arrive at my best and in good spirits. Thank you for you kindness. 

What happens to my deposit if I need to cancel?



I am very understanding of you busy schedule and we live in times where business trips can change quickly.


If you cancel our date within 48 hours, the deposit will be transferred to a second attempt. If you cancel the second time I’m sorry to keep the deposit and any further considerations will require my full gift in advance. 

If our date is cancelled within less than 24 hours I won’t be able to refund the deposit. However, if we know each other very well and this usually doesn’t happen, worry not. 

In the extremely rare circumstance that I need to cancel our date (it never happened thus far) I will transfer back you deposit and find another time to see you immediately. 

When are you available?

I’m generally pretty flexible as my other business allows me much liberty. With that said, I only do this on the side for I love to indulge once in a while. If we could arrange our date some time in advance, this would be wonderful. 

Same day arrangements are not my cup of tea. 

Where can I date you? 


The sky is the limit! :-) 

I love to meet you at your 5 Star Hotel in London or at my central London apartment. For dating outside London, I kindly ask for a 6 hour minimum arrangement. 

If you like me to be your travel companion within Europe, a minimum of one overnight is encouraged. For travel dates further away, a minimum of 24 hours is encouraged. 

What can I expect you to look like? 


I have a non editing policy, my pictures are not modified in the slightest. I rather exceed your expectations — and rumour has it, I usually do. ;-)

I take very good care of myself and as a companion of my caliber, I’m aware that nothing less is expected. However, I do it because I love to be the best version of myself. My grooming is always immaculate.

A little peak at my wish list will give you a good sense of my personal style. I’m classic elegant, with occasional flamboyant pieces thrown in the mix. You can expect me to be dressed for the occasion, with excellent taste and high quality materials. Not only do I want to look and feel absolutely amazing for you to enjoy, it is also important for me to blend in for your convenience. 

Depending on season, I’ll arrive in a smart casual outfit and then change into a cocktail dress or gown, depending on our plans for the evening. Everything from high end designers because your eyes only deserve the best. My lingerie is the finest known to human kind, lace and silk — and sometimes latex couture — and suits my curves with silky soft skin just fine. 

When it comes to shoes: I’m more a classic minimalist. Nothing too high, nothing too camp. Unless in the bedroom. ;-)

All in all, I will turn heads for all the right reasons and you will always be the luckiest gentleman with me on your arm. 

Which contact method do you prefer? 


I can only be contacted via the contact form or via email for consideration. Once the trust is mutual, I will share my phone number with you in order to run the dating procedure more smoothly. 

My email is companionsabrina@gmail.com

Please be mindful that I only do this on the side and it might take a moment for me to answer. I promise I’m worth the wait. :-)