“Ricorda stasera, perché è  l’inizio di sempre.”

Dante Aligheri

Rome Hotels

The eternal city... Let’s enjoy an unforgettable time together with walks through Ancient Rome, taste the best cuisine in the world, go shopping on Via Condotti and indulge in a wine tasting. There are secret entrances to what were ancient brothels all over Rome, shall we play a little game and see who finds them first? :-)

Rome Restaurants

Much is said about the Italian cuisine, with it’s natural taste coming from simply high quality ingredients. We could spend days on end indulging in all Italy has to offer. Here are some of my favourites I hope you might like too — though there are too many to mention. Our evenings will be very eventful, let me say that much... ;-)


Favourite drinks include Burgundy wines, Super Tuscans, Rosé wine from Provence and Ruinart Blanc de Blanc is my favourite Champagne. 

Restaurants with vegan or vegetarian tasting menus are highlighted with a V.  

Rome Attractions

I think it’s safe to say that all we would need to do is just walk through this fascinating city, for Rome itself is so beautiful. There’s barely any need for more than a hotel room to retire once in a while and a look around. With a city of such rich culture and history at your doorstep, it’s impossible to do it justice in a small section. Here are my favourite things to do in Rome and I hope to inspire you to join me. I have a notion, we won’t visit just once... ;-)


Vatican Museums

Galleria Borghese

Sistine Chapel

Foro Romano


Leonardo Davinci Museo

Museo Etru

St. Peter’s Basilica


Campo dei Fiori

Piazza Navona

Borghese Gardens


Via Condotti

Via Borgognona

Dolce & Gabbana 




Sergio Rossi

Day Trip

Cinque Terre

Pompeii Ruins

Italy Destinations

Let’s live la dolce vita and create memories of a lifetime together. Italy is the perfect country for lovers, with it’s incredible cities and not to mention the Amalfi coast. Let’s enjoy the best gelato in the world, let the sun shine on us (literally) and escape everyday life for a while. I would love to be your girlfriend for our trip together and take you on a journey full of joy, Italian delights and sensual pleasures like you’ve never experienced before. :-)

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